Our base

Our base shop together with meat production are located in the beautiful village called Velke Kostolany, district of Piestany, western Slovakia.
We are open from Tuesday to Saturday and you will find fresh meat and smoked meat products every day. 
Do not hesitate to let us know your unusual requirements, we are here for you! 

Store in Vrbove

Our smaller shop is located in town Vrbove. You can find us in the main street and you can park your car right here. 

Mobile butcher shop

Our car travels around every working day except Monday. Opening hours from 8:00 till 12:00 and actual location is announced by public radio right after arrival to your village. 
The schedule of our routes is below:

TUESDAY : Malzenice, Cervenik, Trakovice, Bucany

WEDNESDAY: Dechtice, Nahac, Dobra Voda
THURSDAY: Trebatice, Krakovany, Ostrov, Orviste
FRIDAY: Ockov, Podolie, Castkovce